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If you prefer private sessions, together we can arrange for independent classes in your home. We will customize the course material to suit your schedule and needs. You can choose to follow the regular curriculum or focus on specific areas. Each of the two private classes runs for 2-2.5 hours. I leave you dvds and relaxation exercises to practice between sessions. The objectives of the series are for you and your partner to become familiar with labor management tools and techniques, build trust in the birth process and confidence in your ability to birth your baby.

During these two sessions we typically cover:

  • Abdominal breathing techniques stages of labor and the natural birth process
  • Relaxation exercises & visualizations
  • Preparing your birthing space
  • Positions to promote progress in labor
  • Emotional support during labor
  • Massage techniques
  • How to navigate the hospital system
  • Pain management strategies
  • Natural alternatives to common interventions

As part of the private class I invite participants to attend one of my breastfeeding classes held as part of my group series. See Bradley class tab for current offerings.

The cost of the two session series is $300 which includes the binder (some insurance policies offer reimbursement for childbirth education) If you would prefer a single 2-2.5 hour session the cost is $150. Sometimes couples who have given birth before or participated in another childbirth class choose this option. Additional reasonable travel fees may apply depending on where you live. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule private classes.


Lauren was absolutely fantastic!  I have a medical background and my husband does not, and we were looking for someone to bridge the gap between our experience with childbirth as well as help me to embrace the experience of labor and delivery from a patient's rather than provider's perspective.  Lauren did this and much more!  She worked around our hectic and unpredictable schedules, and made many additional trips to our house to drop off and pick up DVDs and materials she thought would be useful for us as my pregnancy progressed.  We were both a bit nervous about our class and weren't sure what to expect, but Lauren introduced herself, her vast experience, and made us feel like we'd known her for years instantly.  The relaxation, breathing, and positioning techniques for the various stages of labor were not only valuable for the delivery itself, but as my third trimester progressed, some of her suggestions were the only ways I could get comfortable!  I want to particularly note that Lauren adjusted her program to the delivery we were planning - we wanted to deliver in a hospital but use natural techniques, and she walked my husband and I through what to expect at each stage not only of labor and delivery but of navigating the hospital with ease.  I can't recommend her enough --- only wish we'd done this sooner in my pregnancy so we could have used her stretching and strengthening exercises longer!  Thank you so much!
- Kaitlin

Having a private class with Lauren in our home was a wonderful way to prepare my husband and I for our baby's birth.  We were able to ask questions we likely would not have in front of others, as well as answer questions with so much honesty that I recall needing a 5 minute break to cry (I blame the hormones).  I truly believe practicing breathing/relaxation exercises and birth positions with Lauren's undivided attention helped us achieve our goal of a natural, medication free childbirth.  A private class was the perfect fit for us!
- Brenda and Vinny

I waited WAAAY too long to register for childbirth classes.  We scheduled some very last-minute private classes with Lauren and it was EXACTLY what we needed – way more personalized than the hospital class I’d planned to attend. She came to our home for two evening sessions, and invited me to attend a breastfeeding class with her other students. To be able to ask all of our questions, go through the material at our own pace, and focus on what was most important to us, was an incredible value. Prepared us well for an awesome natural birth. Thanks Lauren!  
- Deborah  

My husband and I worked with Lauren when I was pregnant with my first child. I found her to be knowledgeable, comforting, and very resourceful. Lauren's tools were helpful in allowing me to achieve the natural birth I had always dreamed of.
- Danielle