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Founded by Lauren Amand, Gentle Beginnings is committed to educating women and couples about their birthing options and encouraging them to build trust in the natural process of labor and birth. As a doula, I provide nurturing support to women and their families in a way that honors their personal experience and individuality.

I have been teaching childbirth since 2003 after having been inspired by the beautiful, natural births of our two sons. I continue to be amazed by the transformative power of pregnancy and birth. My babies' births were the most intensely joyful, spiritual, beautiful experiences of my life. Giving birth naturally gave me a greater appreciation of the depths of my strength and resolve in a way no other experience had before. My husband also felt deeply connected to and involved with the births of each of our three children. I feel being cared for by midwives who believed in the natural process and were warm, encouraging and reassuring made all the difference.

My passion for birth naturally evolved into providing doula support. I have been a doula since 2005 and have provided support for over 200 births. I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula, a certified childbirth educator with The American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth (The Bradley Method®) and a certified lactation counselor. My background includes a B.S. in Human Development Counseling and Family Studies and 15 years’ experience in social services and education.  Since 2012, I have also been working as a research assistant at Women & Infants Hospital for The Infant Brain Study. In this capacity, I assist two brilliant midwives in their research looking at how delayed cord clamping might enhance early brain development.

I am committed to helping you achieve a satisfying birth experience as you define it. I hope by attending my classes or having me as part of your birth team, you come to realize your own innate ability and inner strength to give birth as you envision. I hope partners gain greater confidence in their ability to support their wife/partner throughout this miraculous transition. You will remember your baby's birth for the rest of your life. I strive to help make that memory a beautiful one and a source of strength for each woman and each couple. I would be honored to support you on your journey.

My life has been greatly enriched by my work and by my clients. I spend time with some of the most interesting, inspirational and genuinely kind people and truly enjoy supporting them during their transition to parenthood. In addition to my commitment to gentle birth, I enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, gardening, relaxing on the beach with my family and friends and spending time with my three children as they grow into kind, amazing individuals.

CCE (AAHCC) Certified Childbirth Educator,
The American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth (The Bradley Method®)

CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula, DONA International

PCD (DONA) Certified Postpartum, Doula DONA International

CLC Certified Lactation Counselor